Workshop with project staff

Workshop with project staff
Quarterly workshops are important tool in ensuring project management and coordination. The workshop held in Odessa, Ukraine on the 12th of September 2012 and the main objectives of it were focused on:

·          Business Forum with project beneficiaries that will be conducted in Galati on 29th September.

·          Beneficiaries’ participation at exhibition-fair “Harvest Day”, Galati on the 28th of September.

·          Exchange of experience on data base completion and operation of online SIM Agrimarket-BlackSea;

·          Ensuring an adequate project coordination and management.

The workshop was held in an atmosphere of hot debates related to identification of the most effective and practical ways of the Business Forum organisation, in order to reach better outcomes for the project beneficiaries. Other subjects from agenda have been discussed in a more ordinary manner and agreements related to approach issues have been made.

At the event participates all the project staff from Republic of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.