Presentations of the website

Presentations of the website
Presentation of the online agricultural portal took place in Chisinau, Moldova on 16 October 2012, and was the first informative seminar for the general public.

Its main objectives were as follows:

(i)                promote the FTAP project and the website

(ii)              present the website information and its access tools to participants

(iii)            introduce the procedure of registration in the companies’ database for the website users

(iv)             introduce the steps to be taken to register commercial offers.

Participants showed interest in opportunities provided by the website and appreciated its ease of access and user-friendliness. Therefore, participants would be eager to promote the MIS website among members of their organizations, to share the website information with their beneficiaries and help them become active users of this site. Thus, the MIS will be promoted more widely and will reach out a larger number of beneficiaries.